Asad Rauf’s Dodgy IPL

Today, it was announced that umpire Asad Rauf has been withdrawn from the forthcoming ICC Champions Trophy after allegations that he is being investigated by Mumbai Police.
Chennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore, 12+1th April
Dan Christian enters the attack with Chennai struggling on 10/2 after 4 overs. He oversteps by a good few inches on his first ball, which in turn is correctly given as no-ball and a free hit…

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…or was Christian reasonably safe?
Poor calls happen, especially/suspiciously so in the IPL, but the peculiar aspect in this case is just how quickly Asad Rauf calls the no-ball. Christian has barely put his foot down, and Rauf is already clearing his throat like if he was gunfighting at the OK Corral.
This game also ended in one of the most suspicious no-balls of all time by RP Singh, but again, I’m sure it’s all some coincidence or misunderstanding that can be explained away by simple probabilities.
Such as, “how probable is it that a player is accepting money to spot-fix in this IPL?”
a) more than 99.9%
b) “Srinivasan is watching my every move so I could not possibly answer such A question”

Asad Rauf signalling a leg bye.

Asad Rauf signalling a leg bye.

Mumbai vs Kings XI Punjab, 29th April
With Punjab needing 11 needed off 3 balls, Dhawal Kulkarni bowls a chest-high beamer. It is his second, and he is removed from the attack as per the laws of the game, meaning that Mumbai must rely on Kieron Pollard’s hittable medium-pace to defend 10 off 3.

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Well, that’s what should have happened. Standing at square leg, Asad Rauf waved away protests from Praveen Kumar, and Mumbai went on to win by 4 runs.

For more on the non-Rauf related IPL spot-fixing issue:

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