Your Favourite Tweets of the World Cup

SOME of you may have been watching TV or making a cuppa during the World Cup games, and even if you were on Twitter the whole time, you’re bound to have missed some of our tweets. So, here are our most well-received tweets, as per your RT’s and your very kind comments:

14. [after being dropped repeatedly vs Pakistan] ”Do you believe in divine intervention?” | Sachin: “I AM divine intervention.”

12+1. “Luke Wright to hairdresser: ‘Make me look like a lesbian from the 1980′s.’”

12. “Running yourself out in a World Cup is the South African way to die an honorable death.”

11. “Lasith Malinga looks like an uber-rich LA housewife who’s had plastic surgery to make her look like a cheetah.”

10. “The Mother of All Games was more like the hot second cousin of all games. It looked good, but you couldn’t get a hard-on for it.
Lasith Malinga, in case you’d forgotten…

9. “Ravi Shastri and Mark Nicholas commentating together…all you need is a Goebbels and we’ve got ourselves a Fourth Reich.”

8.  ”Shahid Afridi is like a giant ejaculating penis with a cricket bat.”

7. “If England get any more injuries, they’ll have to start conscription. And even then, Samit Patel will fail the fitness test.”

6. “I can only assume that Mark Nicholas has the powers to telepathically fellate Michael Clarke.”

5. “Lonely housewives time their orgasms to Michael Holding drawling ‘Ta-tenda Taib-oooo’”

4. Lasith Malinga: “Make me look like a lioness in heat.” Stylist: ‘YOU GOT IT!’

3. “Steve Smith is so young that Ponting has to tell him to stop playing with his penis when fielding.”

2. “Don’t kick a Saffer when he’s down. He’s probably kicked himself enough to get there in the first place.”


[After taking the catch of the tournament…]

1. Jesse Ryder: “I just pretend the ball is a double cheeseburger and it’s pretty much auto-pilot from then.”

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